About Us

You can get involved by donating, volunteering or simply spreading the word! Stay tuned as we work to bring you great new features as we continue to grow NX411-CTN!


Controlling The Narrative

The NX411-CTN is a black woman owned and operated radio station that runs 24/7 content, bringing listeners information, entertainment and commentary that is relevant to the Black community. Our stations cover a multitude of subjects from lifestyle to education, health to business, politics to technology. No matter what your interest is, we have a show for you. The NX411-CTN offers an opportunity for black content creators to reach audience members who most relate to their content.

We created this network to increase exposure for content creators but also for businesses whose target demographic is a black or urban audience. We support the Buy Black movement and have created a platform that provides a means of opportunity for black creators and advertisers alike.



To be a provider of information, resources and support to the Black community through Controlling The Narrative, ensuring that we are more than a trend seen in entertainment or portrayed in the mainstream or on social media.



NX411-CTN was originally known as ATL’s NX100, a station primarily focused on the local Black Atlanta community. Through the expansion of our network, now a provider of global content which aids Black communities around the world.



We are a 24/7 radio station providing niche programming catering to the Black community. Additional features include a web & mobile networking community, specialty events and resource directories.

About Our Parent Company

NX411-CTN is owned and operated by The IBNX Radio Network. IBNX Radio has been in business for 10+ years providing programming that is engaging, empowering and entertaining. As of 2023, IBNX Radio is now a division of The IBNX Media Network for they have become More Than Just Radio!

The IBNX Media Network has teamed up with Adsynd Media, an advertising and syndication company, to provide services for our content creators and advertisers in the areas of monetization and more! We also work with Adsynd Media owner, ZogoDistro in providing content, resources and opportunities to content creators. Be sure to check them out by visiting their website and subscribing on social media.